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GP 2

Core2 vCore
Disk space20 GB SSD
Bandwidth100 Mbps

Performance & low price!

The VPS GP 2 included 2 Go dedicated RAM , 20 Go SSD of disk space and ideal to host all of yours projects. Delivered with 1 public IP, select the system of your choice among Windows 2008/12, Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS, accessible via Putty

6,99 € excl VAT/month


Checkout in 5 minutes!

Enjoy the validation of your VPS in under 5 minutes* at Firstheberg ! The checkout process is automatic and your VPS LP, GP or ST is delivered in half an hour.

*Automatic delivery for customers residents of France, Belgium, Swiss and Luxembourg and subject to condition that the customer account shows no irregularity.


Rather Windows VPS or Linux VPS?

Firstheberg offers all of the most used systems either on our SSD VPS or HDD VPS, and different versions according to your needs.Thus, we offer from a set of Linux systems for your OpenVZ VPS and systems Linux and Windows server 2008 R2 and Windows server 2012 R2 for your KVM VPS.

Windows Distributions

Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2012

Linux / Unix Distributions




Virtualization & CMS

Virtualization & Management Panel


Need a preinstalled CMS on your VPS?

Firstheberg also propose you to install in your order, a set of CMS for your SSD VPS or HDD KVM VPS. Choose among Wordpress CMS, Joomla, CMSMade Simple or Prestashop

Included features with your dedicated server offer.

Reboot & Resettlement

It's also possible for you to achieve the personalized partitionnement of your dedicated server during the resettlement.

Guaranteed rates

Benefit to a guaranteed flow on the set of dedicated server offer, from 100 to 300 Mbps and a "burst" connection of 1 Gbps WAN and LAN

DNS Reverse

Change the reverse of your dedicated sever directly from your customer area, through our simplified tool for managing your DNS reverses.


We pledge to restore within 4 business hours your dedicated server in case of hardware of network failure from opening a support ticket on your account.

MRTG graph

Check the consumption of your VPS resources with the display of MRTG graphs.

Why choose vps ? GP 2

The VPS GP is compatible with all the operating system proposed by Firstheberg and allows you to benefit the most powerful VPS and the cheapest for r dedicated ressources in an virtualized environment and shared on a cluster full SSD.

The VPS GP with the dedicated resources and the KVM technology allow you to host your Linux and windows systems and to entrust all of your projects, even the most critical thanks to our supervision.

Firstheberg vous propose ses services d’hébergement VPS Linux et VPS Windows pas cher et pour tous depuis mars 2013 et a pour vocation d’être l’acteur de l’hébergement VPS le moins cher du marché et offre une qualité de service et des performances accrues grâce au stockage des VPS sur des disques SSD. N’hésitez pas à consulter nos autres offres d’hébergement mutualisé et noms de domaines offerts et Serveurs dédiés HDD et SSD.