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Firstheberg offers with the entire offer of dedicated server, a complementary service offer Business & Critical.

Anxious to accompany you in your projects and ensure maximum comfort and safety, we have selected for you the additional services Business and Critical.

Ticket priority
Dedicated commercial service
GTR 2 hours working
Support number not surcharged
Customizable server
KVM in loan on request
Guaranteed flow
GTR 4 hours, 24/7
Dedicated project manager
+ 100 Mbs
100 Gb

Get important benefits such as extended GTR 2 hours working or support number unsurcharged for your technical needs and requests, customize your dedicated server by adding RAM or more storage .

Enjoy the option Ticket+ with your Business or Critical service.

The option Ticket + is compatible with all of the VPS offer, Domain name, Shared hosting and Dedicated server at Firstheberg. The option is charged 2.99€ excl VAT / month and is compatible with any offer once purchased and included in the offer of service Business and Critical.

Firstheberg est la marque commerciale de la société Techcréa Solutions, société créée en 2010, au capital social de 28.190,00€. Firstheberg est le spécialiste de l’hébergement web, VPS Linux et Windows et serveur dédié pas cher et pour tous. N’hésitez pas à consulter nos offres d’hébergement mutualisé et noms de domaines offerts, VPS SSD Linux OpenVz, VPS SSD Linux et VPS SSD Windows Qemu, et Serveurs dédiés HDD et SSD.