Operating systems available for automatic installation.

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Windows server

Firstheberg allows you to install on the offer VPS or dedicated server, the system Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012 R2, in evaluation version or pay version. The VPS Windows operating system or Windows Dedicated server in Firstheberg allows you to access your service via Remote Desktop.

The Windows evaluation version is 180 days and the paid version is billed depending on the rented service.

We allow you to start renting a VPS or dedicated server product with evaluation versions and subscribe to the Paid License version at any time on your account, allowing you to test our service with this operating system.

Windows Server 2012
Serveur 2012 R2 Standard25.99 € excl VAT/month
Serveur 2012 R2 Standard Evaluation-
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2016 Evaluation-
Windows Server 2016 Licence25.99 € excl VAT/month
Windows Server 2019
Windows 2019 Standard Licence25.99 € excl VAT/month
Windows 2019 Standard Évaluation-



Debian 10
Debian 11
Debian 11 + LAMP

For rent a dedicated server or VPS, Firstheberg allows you to install directly a set of Debian versions. Version 6 to version 8, configure your service with the market leader of OpenSource.

With the Debian system on your VPS or dedicated server, have SSH access via Putty, low resource utilization and enabling you to fully dispose of your service resources rented from Firstheberg.

The Linux systems are the majority OpenSource, enjoy free of these systems on your VPS and dedicated server services Firstheberg . Ubuntu is another existing Linux system, in Server version and Desktop version .


Alternative of Linux Debian system, CentOs is the OpenSource system developed by Redhat and fully free on the VPS and dedicated servers of Firstheberg.

CentOS allows you to access your server remotely in SSH via Putty like other VPS systems and dedicated servers on Linux.

Enjoy CentOS versions 6.5 and 6.6 in Firstheberg.


Centos 7
Centos 7 + Plesk



Ubuntu Server 20.04
Ubuntu Server 22.04

Ubuntu is another existing Linux system, in Server version and Desktop version . Real full-fledged system, based on Debian distribution, Ubuntu allows you to have a VPS service or dedicated server installed OpenSource and therefore totally free.

There is no fundamental difference between Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu Desktop versions, except the Desktop version allows you to access a graphical interface, as may offer the Windows Remote Desktop, which allows good users to take control of a Linux service.

Ubuntu is the Linux system, the most installed, after Debian, on the VPS services and Dedicated servers at Firstheberg.


A CMS is a tool for webmasters to pre-install on a dedicated server or VPS, a range of tools to facilitate the configuration and the posting of a website. We can count tens of CMS currently on the market.

The best known being the most used, Firstheberg offers to install to control your VPS or dedicated server directly .

Based on Debian 7 distribution, you can access your management panel directly from a generated link to the delivery of your service. A SSH access via Putty is also available to perform some server settings if necessary.

With your rent of VPS or dedicated server at Firstheberg, take advantage of the major CMS in pre-installation.

  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • Prestashop
  • CMS Made Simple
  • Drupal

Firstheberg offers a system Debian 7+ LAMP, creating for you a web server without add the application layer of the usual CMS.

Virtualization & Management Panel

ISPconfig 3.2.9p1
Proxmox 6
Proxmox 7
Proxmox Backup Server
Debian 11 + Webmin
Debian 11 + Matomo


Debian 11 + WordPress
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