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Additional IPv4 Fail Over.

Firstheberg offers with option to rent additional IPv4 Fail Over

IP Fail Over ordered via the website Firstheberg or directly from your account are automatically delivered and without limit of IP/dedicated server or Linux VPS or Windows VPS.

Dedicated servers and VPS Linux & VPS Windows services are delivered with a main fixed IP. The subscription to the IP Fail Over offer allows you to distinguish the main IP of the IP of your projects, website etc ...

The IPv4 Fail Over allows you to switch your hosted services of a dedicated server or VPS to another via a single routing by the customer area or via our API scripting tools available on our page page api.firstheberg.com/doc

This system allows you to mount your infrastructure with load balancing, with VLAN. Enjoy your IP Fail Over customizing the reverse DNS or routing along the way.

The Fail Over IP service costs 1.99€excl VAT / month. You can subscribe to as many IP Fail Over desired. IP are automatically delivered from our IP available among differents Classes C.

All shared hosting services, dedicated servers, Linux VPS and Windows VPS are based in France. Firstheberg allows you to ensure the security of your network by proposing to include all traffic services on a private VLAN charged 10€ excl VAT / server or 10€ excl VAT / VPS per month.

You want to rent a dedicated IP block ?
Firstheberg also offers the IP blocks of rental from /21 to /27 with declining prices.

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