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VPS OpenVZ - Storage SSD - Linux system

VPS SSD OpenVZ allow you to opt for an economical virtual server solution for substantial and efficient resources, administered as a dedicated server independently. Linux SSD VPS by Firstheberg allow you to host your projects, thanks to the OpenVZ technology. Your VPS is shared in a shared virtual environment guarantees you the lowest price.

NameRAMvCoreDisk SpaceTechnologyBandwithPrice
LP 1 1 GB 1 vCore 20 GB SSD OpenVZ 100 Mbps 1,49 € excl VAT/month
LP 2 2 GB 2 vCore 20 GB SSD OpenVZ 100 Mbps 2,49 € excl VAT/month
LP 4 4 GB 2 vCore 30 GB SSD OpenVZ 100 Mbps 4,99 € excl VAT/month
LP 8 8 GB 2 vCore 40 GB SSD OpenVZ 100 Mbps 9,99 € excl VAT/month
LP 16 16 GB 2 vCore 50 GB SSD OpenVZ 100 Mbps 19,99 € excl VAT/month

Checkout in 5 minutes!

Enjoy the validation of your VPS in under 5 minutes* at Firstheberg ! The checkout process is automatic and your VPS LP, GP or ST is delivered in half an hour.

*Automatic delivery for customers residents of France, Belgium, Swiss and Luxembourg and subject to condition that the customer account shows no irregularity.

Operating systems

Opt for one of the Linux system proposed with the VPS SSD LP offer and choose among different versions. Debian, CentOS and Ubuntu Server for your VPS.

Consult all systems



Choose a powerful VPS thanks to SSD technology included on all of the offers OpenVZ VPS .

Thanks to its theoretical flow in reading and writing of 520 MB / second, the Samsung SSD disks guarantee you performances in reading and writing none.

The entire range LP VPS is provided with an SSD storage included of 20 to 50 GB.


The infrastructure Firstheberg VPS is hosted in its data center in Valenciennes, in the North of France. Linux & Windows VPS are hosted on our platform Proxmox, on material mainly composed of servers DELL chassis or our servers from our dedicated server set i7 3930K.

The infrastructure is backed up regularly on our backup servers providing any guarantee of recovery from all or part of your files in case of crash.

A backup option FTP managed by your care is also offered if critical files circulating daily on your VPS.

Functions included with your VPS offer.


Manage your VPS server remotely thanks to our VNC module allowing you to manage and configure your VPS from any remote location.

Reboot & Resettlement

With one click, reboot or reinstall your VPS at will.

Reverse DNS

Change the reverse of your VPS directly from your account, through our simplified tool for managing your DNS reverses.


Get the opportunity to upgrade your VPS at any time through your current offer at a higher offer.

MRTG graph

Check the consumption of your VPS resources with the display of MRTG graphs.



Firstheberg (A S 197922) allows you for your VPS SSD LP a connection of 100 Mbps thanks to a quality network 2 x 10 Gbps, from Valenciennes to Paris, on 2 separate lines and fully redundant.

We are present in Paris in two data centers, Equinix and Telehouse2, ensuring network redundancy and hardware of our infrastructure.

Our transit is entrusted to IELO and Cogent to provide our customers with quality service and we also share in peering with many companies on the exchange point FranceIX, in order to optimize routes.


VPS server is required when you use for hosting your website, your software or your data can't longer be part of kind of shared hosting product.

VPS gives you the ability to modulate at will your tool and the computing power available to you for use. The dedicated server more efficient but less flexible, doesn’t offer this flexibility